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by captainjlp
Jan 22nd, '10, 14:50
Forum: ApPHP AdminPanel {developers/users}
Topic: AdminPanel Pro 3.0.3 Errors after install
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Re: AdminPanel Pro 3.0.3 Errors after install

I just installed version 3.0.4 : same "Deprecated" Errors (even if error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_DEPRECATED in php.ini) (but E_DEPRECATED is used to inform about stuff being scheduled for removal in future PHP versions ... still : - 47 occurrences of eregi() function - 2...
by captainjlp
Jun 25th, '09, 06:16
Forum: Installation
Topic: datagrid 5.0.7
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Re: datagrid 5.0.7

same for me ! 5.0.6 was working perfectly i just replaced the <? tag by <?php in all files (short_open_tag = Off in php.ini) it doesn't give me any error excepted some warnings when using ERROR_REPORTING(E_ALL+E_STRICT): PHP Strict Standards: Assigning the return value of new by reference is depreca...
by captainjlp
May 12th, '09, 21:56
Forum: Multi-Language implementation
Topic: french language file (version 5.0.5 corrected)
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french language file (version 5.0.5 corrected)

This is my first contribution to PHP DataGrid. I noted that the original languages/fr.php file (version 5.0.5) was not completely translated, so i translated the remaining sentences and give it to the community. What You have to do is just to replace the original languages/fr.php file by this one: <...

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