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by Rhoemers
Jan 19th, '09, 01:40
Forum: ApPHP DataGrid {bugs}
Topic: Foreing Key Problem
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Foreing Key Problem

Hello, When i use Foreign Keys with "view_type"=>"dropdownlist" the results are OK , but if use "view_type"=>"textbox " the results that it show me are of the Primary Key of the table call it. For Example if Us change the Sample2_demo of the website http://php...
by Rhoemers
Jan 18th, '09, 22:00
Forum: Field type: "image/file"
Topic: PATH image.gif
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Re: PATH image.gif

hello you put imagen.gif in


where "css_choosed"= default or gray or pink ,etc ;depends of what your choose in $css_class =

PD:Sorry for my bad english
by Rhoemers
Jan 16th, '09, 03:01
Forum: Multi-Language implementation
Topic: Error in Sample 4 when language=es
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Error in Sample 4 when language=es

hello I was try the 4 examples by versions 4.x.x, I use version 4.2.8 ; In sample 4 works fine when $dg_language = "en" ; but when i put $dg_language = "es", the first datagrid its ok , but the second don't show , and show this error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare setlanguage() (...
by Rhoemers
Jan 15th, '09, 07:10
Forum: ApPHP DataGrid
Topic: radiobutton cheked by default
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radiobutton cheked by default

Hello I'm using radiobutton in : ## +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ ## | 7. Add/Edit/Details Mode Settings: | ## +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ $fill_from_array = array("UA"=>"Atender", &...

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