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by ChrisTERiS
Jun 28th, '12, 06:11
Forum: ApPHP Easy Installer {developers/users}
Topic: Adding more data to database
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Adding more data to database


As I seen the data saved to database are only admin login details. What if I need to add more data like:
- Installation URL
- Installation Path
etc... Is there any way to add an extra page for them?

Thank you
by ChrisTERiS
Jun 27th, '12, 17:27
Forum: ApPHP DataGrid
Topic: Image and Thumbnail
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Re: Image and Thumbnail

As my question is similare about creating seperate thumb, I'm posting it here instead to start a new thread. I'm using a very good (and simple to use) class for image manipulation. It can upload a photo, but also works with images already uploaded in the site. Even if it has a dozen of features (add...

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