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by nanqi
Feb 13th, '18, 22:52
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Can someone point me to the right direction from the above post?
by nanqi
Feb 13th, '18, 20:52
Forum: ApPHP HotelSite / uHotelBooking Talk {developers/users}
Topic: Path to portal
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Re: Path to portal

I have a couple of issues in regard to using Here is what happens. My developing site: - Customer click on "Book" after they find a suite - The system takes them to a "Create New Account" page, which is not what I want and I...
by nanqi
Mar 9th, '17, 01:51
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Topic: template editing fo Uhotel
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template editing fo Uhotel

my development site is at:

Which file do I edit to change the background image on this opening page?

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