HOW TO integrate EI with my own script?

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HOW TO integrate EI with my own script?

Postby administrator » Jul 14th, '11, 16:07

1. Setting up parameters in file settings.php.
Read here: ... ng_started

2. Prepare SQL DUMP:
Using phpMyAdmin or another tool, create SQL dump file and download the entire SQL dump file to you computer. Replace content of this file with the content
of sql_dump/create.sql, sql_dump/update.sql and/or sql_dump/un-install.sql files. In admins table replace username and password values with <USER_NAME>
and <PASSWORD> and put before all table names <DB_PREFIX> (for example: `<DB_PREFIX>test`).

3. Add following lines of code at the top of the default starting file of your script (application):

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if (!file_exists(EI_CONFIG_FILE_PATH)) {       
     header("location: install.php");

4. Start Installation Process.
To start installation process just type in your browser

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