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DB Port

Postby gianx80 » Feb 23rd, '15, 10:38

Hi, I've just purchased ApPHP EasyInstaller v. 2.0.6 and I'm waiting for the download link (contacted support, no links in my product section of the site). In the meantime I'm reading the getting started guide, but I can't find where to set the DB port (which can also be non standard).

Can you tell me how I can ask to the user, during the installation process, to enter the DB port?

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Re: DB Port

Postby administrator » Feb 23rd, '15, 19:53

Currently it's not used, but try to add it in the host field:
http://www.apphp.com/php-easyinstaller/ ... ttings.php

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Re: DB Port

Postby Rayhendler » Oct 17th, '16, 12:18

Also related to getting started - the userguide
A) The first step is upload all the files - No problem. View the demo forms - get error public var THIS, but skipped that for now.
B) Second step
2.1. Setup FormBuilder.

Make sure you define a valid relative(virtual) path to the formbuilder.php file.
## *** include FormBuilder
define('FB_DIR', '');

Second step 1. There is no formbuilder.PHP
2. where must one begin entering "define(FB_DIR..." statements ? No indication is given where to start typing?

I have tried re-installing many time, guessing that I must create a PHP file, then tried an HTML file.

I would like to purchase this product PRO version but it seems so difficult.

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