Use og SetResultHtml

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Use og SetResultHtml

Postby antitesi » Feb 14th, '15, 10:06

Good morning
I'm using Dataform in edit mode (called by Datagrid via custom button), and it work well, but
I'don't understand when the html code specified in

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, should be displayed.
These are my setting for modes and ids (where $_ID_CONT is in $_GET, and is > 0):

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$modes = array(
         'add' =>false,
         'insert' =>false,
         'preview' =>true,
         'edit' =>true

After pressed the "update" button, i get the message "Update completed with success.." (more or less...i translate it from Italian),
but the form remain in edit mode (with CANCEL and UPDATE button displayed).
The "cancel" button work as specified in

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, so if i press the button, i return to the correct page.

Can someone help me ?
Thank in advance

P.S. As usual "i'm sorry for my bad english"

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Re: Use og SetResultHtml

Postby administrator » Feb 15th, '15, 18:45

Here you define the HTML/TEXT that will be shown on "operation complete" page.

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Re: Use og SetResultHtml

Postby yasir7729 » Oct 17th, '17, 13:24

nice post

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