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Re: Filter on null / non null

Postby dynsight » May 30th, '12, 13:05

I do appreciate your quick responses, but please read carefully:

When the page initially loads, the default values are in the filter selectors.... but the results grid is empty

No data found! Please, check carefully your code syntax!
It may be case sensitive or there are some unexpected symbols.

For more information, turn on debug mode.

I have to manually hit "Search" to actually implement the filter.

Code: Select all

 ## +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+
    ## | 5. Filter Settings:                                                       |
    ## +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+
    ##  *** set filtering option: true or false(default)
   $filtering_option = true;
 $show_search_type = true;
 $dgrid->AllowFiltering($filtering_option, $show_search_type);
   $fill_isChild = array('N'=>'Admins', 'Y'=>'Locations','%'=>'Both');
  $filtering_fields = array(
      'Customer Name'=>array('type'=>'textbox',  'table'=>'tbl_crashcart', 'field'=>'crashcartname', 'filter_condition'=>'', 'show_operator'=>'false', 'default_operator'=>'%like%', 'case_sensitive'=>'false', 'comparison_type'=>'string|numeric|binary', 'width'=>'', "on_js_event"=>"onchange='document.getElementById(\"ccc_ff_onSUBMIT_FILTER\").click();'", 'default'=>''),
     'State'=>array('type'=>'dropdownlist',  'table'=>'tbl_crashcart', 'field'=>'state', 'filter_condition'=>'', 'show_operator'=>'false', 'default_operator'=>'=', 'case_sensitive'=>'false', 'comparison_type'=>'string|numeric|binary', 'width'=>'', 'on_js_event'=>'', 'default'=>'', 'source'=>'self'),
     "Admin/Location"=>array("type"=>"enum","source"=>$fill_isChild ,"table"=>"", "field"=>"isChild","default"=>"N", "show_operator"=>"false", "default_operator"=>"=", "case_sensitive"=>"false", "comparison_type"=>"string", "width"=>"", "on_js_event"=>"onchange='document.getElementById(\"ccc_ff_onSUBMIT_FILTER\").click();'"),

I do not wish to have the user clicking the Search button, I want it to be automatic. It is not.

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Re: Filter on null / non null

Postby administrator » May 31st, '12, 07:40

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