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Allowed File Types in 4.2.8

Posted: Aug 28th, '09, 14:41
by sukhdeepsinghkohli

First of all thanks for such a great component to integrate into my websites. I was wondering is it possible to allow uploads of only particular File Types in PHP Data Grid 4.2.8.

For Example, I only want .pdf Files to be uploaded ?


Re: Allowed File Types in 4.2.8

Posted: Aug 29th, '09, 08:44
by administrator
No, it's not possible.
But I can tell you how you can implement it...
You need some javascript script code, that will check a file extension in "browse"
filed and give you alert if something wrong or clean the field.

You can write such code, using

<script type='text/javascript'>
function unique_prefix_onSubmitMyCheck(){
return true;

Read about this function here:

Re: Allowed File Types in 4.2.8

Posted: Oct 7th, '10, 09:56
by lambro
It's an old topic but since I just coded that function for a website I develop (and since I've been really happy to get hints from numerous contributors in this forum ;) ), I may as well give my own personal example here :

At the end of the <body> part I put :

Code: Select all

##  *** bind the DataGrid and draw it on the screen
   <script type="text/javascript">
//function used to check the file name of the file put in the uploaded field (and entitled "styfile_name")
function recup_extension(){
var numbcar;
var extension;
var namfile = document.getElementById("styfile_name").value;
numbcar = namfile.length;
extension = namfile.substring(numbcar-4,numbcar);
return extension;
function verif_extension(){
var ext = recup_extension();
//in this example, we only want .pdf files
if(ext != ".pdf" ){
// Here you put your warning message
    alert("The file name you are trying to upload is :"+ext+". \n This file name is not allowed !\n .pdf file type only !>");
// Here you refresh the page (=clear the field) if selected file does not match what you want :
//use the address you get in your URL for add or edit mode

Now, in the

Code: Select all

    ## | 7. Add/Edit/Details Mode Settings:                                        |
    ## +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+

section, I put :

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"file_name" =>array("header"=>"file", "type"=>"file", "req_type"=>"st", "width"=>"210px", "title"=>"", "readonly"=>"false", "maxlength"=>"-1", "default"=>"", "unique"=>"false", "unique_condition"=>"", "visible"=>"true",
"target_path"=>"uploads/", "max_file_size"=>"10M", "file_name"=>"", "host"=>"local|remote", "allow_downloading"=>"true"),

That's it now, only .pdf files can be put on the upload field.
Thanks ApPHP for your wonderful softwares :D

Re: Allowed File Types in 4.2.8

Posted: Oct 10th, '10, 07:42
by administrator
Thanks for your help.
BTW, from v6.1.1. there is a new attribute for file/image fields: "allowed_extensions"=>""
The syntax is "allowed_extensions"=>"pdf, txt" etc.

Re: Allowed File Types in 4.2.8

Posted: Oct 11th, '10, 13:45
by lambro
Again, I like your grid. Since I could put version 6.1.1 into effect, I removed my javascript functions. Here is a little help regarding french language : change the sentence in English to French !

In ->languages ->fr.php replace

Code: Select all

$lang['file_extension_error'] = "File upload error: file extension not allowed for upload. Please select another file.";

Code: Select all

$lang['file_extension_error'] = "Erreur d'upload de fichier: Cette extension de fichier n'est pas autoris&eacute;e. Merci de s&eacute;lectionner un autre fichier.";

Re: Allowed File Types in 4.2.8

Posted: Oct 12th, '10, 09:01
by administrator
Fixed for the next version. Thanks!