ApPHP Copyright Removal License Questions

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ApPHP Copyright Removal License Questions

Postby administrator » Sep 11th, '11, 11:18

Why is this option available?
We received e-mails from our customers asking if they can donate some money in order to safely remove the copyright information from our site scripts, that's why we have decided to make this option available.

Please note that our site scripts always remain FREE for use under GPL/LGPL license. This is just an extra option for those wanting to remove the copyright information.

Why remove copyright info?
People have different reasons why they want to remove the copyright information. Perhaps removing copyright notes will better fit into your design? Perhaps you don't want your visitors to know you use another developer scripts? Perhaps the back links to our websites bothers you for some other reasons?

We don't have a problem with removing copyright information from the bottom of our Site Scripts as long as you purchase a Copyright Removal License.

What will be removed?
The only thing that can/will be removed is the copyright information at the bottom of web pages generated by our scripts and META tags. You may also remove all other ApPHP related notes from the files in script that you may find.

Remember: removing of ApPHP Copyright related only for ApPHP code and doesn't related to any Third-Party Components, used in our scripts.

Can I remove copyright info by myself?
Yes, after purchasing a Copyright Removal License, you may remove the copyright information by yourself.

Here the simple instruction:
1. To remove ApPHP Copyright notes in footer go to General -> Settings -> Visual Settings then change Headers, Footers and META tags test. Apply these changes to all pages.
2. To remove ApPHP Copyright from Administrator Panel, open admin/home.php page and remove all related lines of text with ApPHP Copyright notice.
3. You may also remove all other ApPHP related notes from the files in script that you may find.

Can I purchase this license and still link to you?
Of course. You may purchase the Copyright Removal License and just modify (shorten) the copyright information even leave it intact.

Can I re-sell this script after I purchase Copyright Removal License?
You may re-sell it under LGPL license (you must inform your customers, that you sell for them a customization of our script: NAME + LINK to original version). Copyright Removal License DOESN'T grant you any specific reselling rights.

How can I pay?
We only accept PayPal for the moment, but if you have problems with PayPal payments - please contact us to discuss another payment options:

What have I do purchases license?
One copy of this agreement is kept on our server, and another copy could be kept in your site folder (recommended), as anti-violation proof.
To implement this create 2 sub-directories on your website /.well-known/apphp-validation/ and upload there your license file.

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