Datagrid slowness

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Datagrid slowness

Postby ifras7 » Aug 26th, '11, 05:22


I noticed that as datagrid class started to grow-up with lots of functionality, but this leads to execute more code lines even for simple data list to show (let say less than 10 records)... as because of this, its leads to take more time to load the application page. As we know time is major factor when considering from end-client point.

Rather than cache solution, I’m bit concern about few things in datagrid class may can increase the performance when execution in live/production environment.

• When placing the datagrid class, I think no need to place any of ‘demo’ or ‘debug’ codes in class file. So I think, two class files to user, eg. datagrid.class.php and datagrid_dev.class.php will have option.
• Depend up on the PostBack Method, if we can avoid other PostBack method related code from class file. It’s like separate child classes for PostBack Methods, so the only requested PostBack Method Class will be executed and other PostBack class file are not executed.
• Same as above for printing and exporting option, if both options are not used, then if we can avoid executing code such a way, I think can gain performance.

Likewise anything, that able to increase the performance in datagrid would be much better, rather than putting the entire thing into one class file.


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Re: Datagrid slowness

Postby administrator » Aug 28th, '11, 07:28

Thanks for your help, in real a lot of time cuts by PEAR extension.
We're planning to implement in the next version PDO extension, so it must DRAMATICALLY improve work of the component.

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