HOW TO resize uploaded image?

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HOW TO resize uploaded image?

Postby administrator » Oct 21st, '10, 12:42

To make image resized while uploading, you have to define following:

1. Specify folder for uploaded images and give for this folder appropriate "write" permissions.
2. Add to your "image" field in add/edit modes following attributes:

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"resize_image"=>"true", "resize_width"=>"120px", "resize_height"=>"",

You must define at least one of these attributes as "non-empty": "resize_width"=>"120px" or "resize_height"=>"40px" or you will get a zero-resided image.

NOTE: attributes "image_width"=>"120px" and "image_height"=>"90px" are used only for displaying image and don't effect on resizing.

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