HOW TO update script with a new version?

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HOW TO update script with a new version?

Postby administrator » Nov 23rd, '11, 07:50

These instructions are valid for all scripts, based on ApPHP MicroCMS (MicroBlog, Shopping Site, Medical appointment, Hotel Site, Business Directory etc.)

1. Make a full backup of your previously installed site and database before you start updating procedure.

2. Write down all data from include/ file and then remove this file from your server.

3. Upload all files from the new archive into the directory of your current site (in other words - replace all files).

4. Run install.php file via browser.

5. While installation process select Update option and enter the database connection parameters and database prefix that were written in include/ (see step 2)

update_instructions.PNG (24.61 KiB) Viewed 2822 times

6. Follow the instructions of Installation(Update) Wizard.

7. (optional) Replace encryption key in include/ file if you use your own.

Code: Select all

define('EI_PASSWORD_ENCRYPTION_KEY', '..key...');

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