HOW TO restore my administrator/user password?

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HOW TO restore my administrator/user password?

Postby administrator » Aug 31st, '11, 10:39

To restore administrator/user password do following:

1. Got to Login page and click on Forgot password? link.

2. On Password Recovery page enter your email.
You will get password recovery email in a few minutes.
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3. If you don't remember your email or you cannot get email for some reason, you may create new password using direct access to your database.
3.1. To do this open "admins" table using phpMyAdmin or another tool and write there directly in appropriate field your new password, then save the changes.
3.2 Then open "settings" table and define in "passwords_encryption" 0 (zero) value.
3.4. Now you may log into your account with new password.
3.5. REMEMBER: after successful login define "passwords_encryption" = 1 in table settings like it was before the changes.

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