How to set condition to ADD button !

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How to set condition to ADD button !

Postby rssridhar17 » Dec 22nd, '11, 05:41


I have 2 tables, one is Header_table and another is details_table.
Transaction-Add mode: 1 record would be entered for header_table and more than 1 record would be entered in details_table.
condition is: without adding record for details_table the add button in header_table should not be accepted.

For the above : I will have 2 datagrids for adding records. similar to: ... xample.php
where only Edit mode has 2 actions, one is update the 1st table record and add record to the 2nd table.
but in my case I want to add only 1 record to 1st table and many records to the second table.

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Re: How to set condition to ADD button !

Postby administrator » Dec 22nd, '11, 08:51

How do you want to add them:
firstly to the 1st table and then to the 2nd?
firstly to the 2nd and then to the 1st?

You may do following: create a page, where you add data to the 1st table, then it will redirect you to the next page, where you can add records to the 2nd datagrid as many as you need.

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