Edit Mode Cancel Not Working.

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Re: Edit Mode Cancel Not Working.

Postby administrator » Apr 23rd, '14, 06:15

You still have errors, including Javascript errors.


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for (var i = 0; i < tabCtrl.childNodes.length; i++) {

The sign &lt; must be replaced with <

also, you placed <TABLE> inside <head> section, it's a bug.

Please understand, that JavaScript cannot run normally if HTML structure is broken.
Upload our script without any code in empty and then you will see it works (if no we'll fix it), then check and fix any HTML Javascript issues on yuor page.

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Re: Edit Mode Cancel Not Working.

Postby GNYkhogan » Apr 30th, '14, 14:05


I believe the issue is that I had the grid within a form. I broke out the grid from the form and all works.

Thanks for all you help and patience.

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