Multiple Datagrids Inside DIV

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Multiple Datagrids Inside DIV

Postby mikegrimsley76 » Mar 8th, '15, 01:30

I have 4 datagrids on a page. Each is enclosed is a div. Each div is a separate tab on the page and tabs are created using javascript and php.

If I click add or edit on any tab but the first one the page refreshes and takes me back to the first tab.

4 tabs [price, cost, vendor, customer]
If I click on add or edit in any of the last 3 [price, cost, vendor] then I am redirected back to the first tab [price]

How do I keep the datagrid from refreshing the page to add or edit? Or is there a way to make it return to the correct tab on refresh?

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Re: Multiple Datagrids Inside DIV

Postby administrator » Mar 8th, '15, 18:50

You have to save passed parameters after each click on tab:

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