Multiple Categories/Tags?

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Multiple Categories/Tags?

Postby massre » Oct 18th, '17, 18:07

I want to get a functionality that would let the user view all events matching multiple "categories" at once. I'm unsure how to make it work, or if I can even use the built-in Categories for this, or if I need to add another entity and new queries/controls to define the array of events displayed.

All the events in my source system have a list of "tags" associated with them that define similarities or topics among them, in the same way it appears "Categories" in intended to be used here. However, events have multiple, sometimes many tags. I want the user to be able to choose all the tags they want in a multi-select menu, and populate the calendar with all events that have at least one of the tags they choose.

This answer from Stack Overflow would seem to suggest the proper database implementation of such a system, and it looks like it would fit into the Calendar pretty easily, it's just a new field on Events and two new tables:

Honestly the built-in "Categories" would work if you could narrow displayed events to only those matching certain categories, and if you could pick more than one, but as far as I can tell the "category_id" has a 1:1 relationship with the "event_id".

Anyone have any ideas or links to something similar that's already been tried?

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Re: Multiple Categories/Tags?

Postby Eurioswap » Jul 17th, '18, 09:04

Thank you very much for helping me

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