I can translate microblog to Dutch

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I can translate microblog to Dutch

Postby BarryB » Mar 11th, '14, 19:51


I am really interested to buy your blogging script, but I have to use paypal in order to finish my purchase. I am not planning to use paypal ever again.
Is there a way to exchange services, or make me pay another way?

I can send it through iban & BIC

let me know as soon as possible. people are waiting for my content getting published.


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Re: I can translate microblog to Dutch

Postby administrator » Mar 12th, '14, 09:33

Generally, we accept only PayPal account payments and Credit Cards via PayPal.

Another possible payment solution is to use 2CO system
(also suitable if your country is not listed in PayPal or you have troubles with PayPal payments)
To use it you have to do following:

1. Create an account on ApPHP.com (id it's still not created)

2. Pay the required sum via direct payment link:

3. Inform us about this payment, so we could handle your order manually.
After that, you can download the purchased script from your account.

If you don't have credit card, you may ask a help from your friends who has it.

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