HOW TO manually update to the latest version

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HOW TO manually update to the latest version

Postby administrator » Jun 12th, '11, 22:09

To manually update to the new version, you have to do following:

1. Install the latest version of Hotel Site in some separate directory on your hosting.

2. If you developed/customized template for yourself, you may migrate it by cooping old template into templates/ folder
and then selecting it from General -> Settings -> Templates & Styles

3. Now you may transfer data from your old database to the new database.
If you have a minimum programming skill it's very simple process.
What you have to do is simply use INSERT ... INTO table.. SELECT FROM ..old table.. SQL statements to copy the data
If number of columns or column names are different in new version, you must correct your statement.

If not, you may manually recreate all rooms, pages and other data on your new installation according to the data saved in the previous version.

4. Repeat #3 for each table you want to transfer data.

5. Remove old site and copy files from new installation to the old site place.

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