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Posted: Apr 5th, '16, 15:07
by francois
Hello ne_moj,

Thanks for your responses

Perhaps is there any misunderstanding.

I though you were member from apphp developper's team.



Posted: Apr 6th, '16, 08:10
by ne_moj
Hello François.

If it works correctly, I agree with that :) . François look, please, after payment in BackOffice "Bookings » Bookings Management" (http://xxx.xx/index.php?admin=mod_booking_bookings), whether the "Status" changes to "Completed (Paid)"
To add the required fields in the form need to make changes in function "DrawAuthorizeNetPaymentForm" in file "include/classes/PaymentIPN.class.php".

P.S.: I do not want to upset you, but I am the developer of ApPHP ;) .

Regards Sergey


Posted: Apr 6th, '16, 08:44
by francois
Ok good !
Yes the status is completed.
I did add new required fields in reservation.class.php and in include/classes/PaymentIPN.class.php.
The problem is that with authorize, it seems we cannot use both relay and receipt method. it is necessary to have fields in apphp api 's form.
I think that by the past they nativly went back to apphp web site with the referer's url.
Now, this url has to be written/declared in the apphp's form and setted with authorize. So relay can't be use to send transaction info because it shoud be use for return.
The link index.php?page=booking_notify_autorize_net can't be open on my way with browser. It should be the same for authorize wich send error message.
So we shoul use silent post url to set index.php?page=booking_notify_autorize_net and have transaction's return.
Best regards :)


Posted: Apr 7th, '16, 10:59
by ne_moj
Thanks Francois, I was pleased to talk :)

Good luck


Posted: Feb 13th, '18, 22:52
by nanqi

Can someone point me to the right direction from the above post?