[SOLVED] security issue

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[SOLVED] security issue

Postby akis » Aug 1st, '19, 17:39

i just realized that my site has been hacked.
Has someone else realized something?
It is a big problem because they send messages to customers asking to send them money.
Please help.

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Re: hacking

Postby waldy » Aug 21st, '19, 21:14

i found this link in the net:
https://packetstormsecurity.com/files/1 ... ction.html

i found this soft for testing. maybe you can try it. please return result
https://www.acunetix.com/web-vulnerabil ... r/us-demo/

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Re: hacking

Postby administrator » Aug 31st, '19, 17:07

The fixed version was reuploaded.
You may redownload your script.

For manual fix do following:

1. In include/functions.validation.inc.php add following function:

Code: Select all

 * Checks if a given parameter is a valid alpha dashed value
 * @param string $val
 * @return boolean
function is_alpha_dashed($val = '')
        return false;
        return true;

2. In include/classes/core/Pages.class.php file find following line of code

Code: Select all

}elseif($page_id != '' && !is_numeric($page_id)){

and replace it with

Code: Select all

}elseif($page_id != '' && is_alpha_dashed($page_id)){

That's all!

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