Why this section was created (Read this first)

Discuss everything related to integration of ApPHP Calendar with your site. Also any questions related to modification of this component should be posted to this forum.

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Why this section was created (Read this first)

Postby msorokop » Sep 30th, '10, 17:20

Hello everyone,

The calendar is a great product and has saved me a huge amount of time, but i recognize the fact that it is difficult to create one product to suite everyones needs. That's why I asked the administrators to set up this section of the forum. My goal was to create a place where developers could post the various modifications they have done while integrating the calendar into their site. Post anything, for example how to display different information in the "daily view" or how to insert other fields into the database when a new event is created.

As the forum grows, you can check here to see if someone has posted the modification you are trying to implement.

I would suggest that the subject of each post be the modification that was done, and the post be a detailed description of how it was accomplished.

I will be posting the modification that i have done to the calendar in the next few days,

Let me know what you think

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Re: Why this section was created (Read this first)

Postby administrator » Oct 3rd, '10, 07:31

Good start! Thank you for your help.

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