Adding More Form Fields and Emailing Submitted Date

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Adding More Form Fields and Emailing Submitted Date

Postby jaimeschu » Oct 7th, '10, 15:45

Hi All,
I had been in search of a good calendar application that would allow me to insert my own customizations. I stumbled upon Advanced Power of PHP's Calendar and it is the perfect solution. I ran into an issue, and the support team contacted me almost instantly, but they were correct when I should have posted in a forum. It's only fair to share my problem and solution, should another developer out there seek the same assistance. So the problems I faced included:

1. Adding fields. The solution was to edit the file events_add_form.tpl.
2. Email the submitted event dates along with the added form field data. Solution: Added the php email script to calendar.class.php in the HandleEventsOperations function -> $event_action.

I want to thank the support team and developers in this project and I hope that this post is useful for another developer out there.

Thank you. :D

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Re: Adding More Form Fields and Emailing Submitted Date

Postby camilo.martinez » Jul 24th, '13, 16:51

Hi yall,

I have an error adding new fields on the query that save the new field on the template.

The problem ocurs when I put a select field, I tried with a regular input and works fine, but the select does not work. The value of the field is getting blank, null.

Any clues what seems to be the problem?

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Re: Adding More Form Fields and Emailing Submitted Date

Postby administrator » Jul 25th, '13, 06:46

First of all turn on debug mode and check what exactly you receive from form submission and then what you put into your INSERT SQL.

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