HOW TO allow viewing of other tables in DataGrid Wizard?

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HOW TO allow viewing of other tables in DataGrid Wizard?

Postby administrator » Dec 7th, '11, 11:38

By default, DataGrid Wizard allows working only with the tables, that has the prefix, that was entered while installation.
For example, if you use abc_ prefix, so Wizard will allow to work with abc_tablename tables only.
This was defined to prevent unauthorized access or damage of your database.

If anyway, you want to allow Wizard to work with all tables in your datagrid, do following:
For version 2.0.0 or higher:
1. Open include/
2. Find there constant:

Code: Select all

define('_TABLE_PREFIX_REQUIRED', true);

and change it with false value

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define('_TABLE_PREFIX_REQUIRED', false);

After these changes you will see and could works with all tables, defined in your database.

For old versions please see this post:

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