HOW TO create pages for different databases?

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HOW TO create pages for different databases?

Postby administrator » Feb 15th, '12, 11:46

DataGrid Wizard (from v.2.3.2) allows to work/create new DataGrid pages that connected simultaneously to different databases.

Generally, the database connection parameters, used for creating the Wizard will also be used for your DataGrid pages.
But, if you want to create and test DataGrid pages, that are connection in real-time with another database, you have to do following:

1. Open include/ file and find there _ENTER_DB_CONNECTION constant.

2. Set the value of this constant to be "true", like here:

Code: Select all

define('_ENTER_DB_CONNECTION', true);

3. Now you may enter your own database connection parameters (in Creating & Calling section) for new and previously created DataGrid pages or in other words,
connect them to different database.

Look on the picture how it looks, when this option is turned On:
db_connection.png (12.8 KiB) Viewed 2407 times

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