HOW TO show occupancy calendar on Front-End?

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HOW TO show occupancy calendar on Front-End?

Postby administrator » Apr 26th, '12, 16:22

This is a very simple operation.

1. Copy admin/modules/mod_booking_rooms_occupancy.php file to pages/ folder.

2. Remove or comment following IF, ELSE command at the top and bottom of the page:

Code: Select all

//if($objLogin->IsLoggedInAsAdmin() &&
//   (Modules::IsModuleInstalled('booking') && (ModulesSettings::Get("booking", "is_active") == "yes"))
// ){

Code: Select all

//   draw_title_bar(_ADMIN);
//   draw_important_message(_NOT_AUTHORIZED);

3. In code of the file replace $http_request_vars = array('admin'); with $http_request_vars = array('page');

That's all!

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