HOW TO configure and test payment modules?

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HOW TO configure and test payment modules?

Postby administrator » Jul 11th, '12, 17:58

When you enable payment module you may need to test it before running LIVE.
You have 2 modes for payment modules: REAL and TEST.

1. To turn site in a Test or Real mode go to
Modules » Bookings » Booking Settings, page 2
find Payment Mode settings and tun them according to your needs.

When TEST mode is selected you may perform all types of bookings like in a Real mode.

payment_settings_mode.png (9.98 KiB) Viewed 5428 times

2. After applying payment module setting (for example PayPal) you may need to test it.
The instructions for payment module settings found at bottom of Modules » Bookings » Booking Settings page

payment_settings.png (35.88 KiB) Viewed 5462 times

3. If you want to check how your processing module works, you may perform a test payment with some symbolic sum, for example: $1.
It's recommenced while this test to record the data into a log file, so you could check it later. To turn on writing into log, open
page/handlers/handler_booking_notify_paypal.php file and turn on log settings:

Code: Select all

define('LOG_MODE', true);
define('LOG_TO_FILE', true);

The log will be written in tmp/logs/payment_paypal.log file.
(the same operations have to be done for other payment providers)

This log will allow you to debug payment operations and understand what exactly happens on your site if you have any problems with payments.
(remember to turn these settings back when you don't need the log)

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