HOW TO send a link to the special search result?

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HOW TO send a link to the special search result?

Postby administrator » Dec 1st, '13, 17:10

Such feature currently doesn't supported, but you may quickly tweak the script to get it working for you.
You have to do following:

1. Open include/classes/Search.class.php file and find DrawQuickSearch() method.
2. In this method add new hidden field:

Code: Select all

<include type="hidden" name="page" value ="search" />

3. Also change in this method method="post" into method="get" for <FORM> tag
4. In file pages/search.php replace all Replace $_POST occurrences with with $_POST
5. Open include/classes/Application.class file and replace

Code: Select all

self::$params['search_in']   = isset($_POST['search_in']) ? prepare_input($_POST['search_in']) : '';


Code: Select all

self::$params['search_in']   = isset($_GET['search_in']) ? prepare_input($_GET['search_in']) : '';

That's all!
Now you make perform the search, then copy your URL and send it as a link to this specific search result.

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