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Posted: Jun 9th, '16, 18:48
by hireapro
di I have to purchase modules like payment and category modules before thwy will work on my site. I thought the modules came with the script??Bill

Re: modules

Posted: Jun 10th, '16, 09:56
by ne_moj
Hello Bill

Could you explain what scripts you use "ApPHP Business Directory" or "uBusinessDirectory Talk" as far as I know both of these scripts should default include this modules, but I need to clarify.


Re: modules

Posted: Aug 19th, '16, 10:16
by paragate
if you buy modules they must be instantiated first:
go to around lines 103
// application modules
'modules' => array(
'setup' => array('enable' => true, 'removable' => false),
'backup' => array('enable' => true, 'removable' => true),
'cms' => array('enable' => true, 'removable' => true, 'backendDefaultUrl'=>''),
copy one of the lines and insert your module name and eventually set 'removable' to true

Re: modules

Posted: Aug 21st, '16, 06:49
by administrator