Error on updating Clinic Info

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Error on updating Clinic Info

Postby milesreid » Jan 9th, '13, 12:52

When I try to update the telephone number on Clinic Management | General | Clinic Info, I get a 403 error when I press the update button.

When I then try to access the server (even the home page) I receive an error - message Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE). Server is then inaccessible by any means until the router is rebooted.

Everything else is working well. I am using Chrome 23 on a 64 bit client. Server is a Linux server


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Re: Error on updating Clinic Info

Postby administrator » Jan 10th, '13, 07:10

Please open include/classes/clinic.class,php file, find there $debug = false; and turn it to be true;
Then send us a link to your site with admin login/password, so we could test it online. (you may do it via PM)

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