Translate Medical Degrees

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Translate Medical Degrees

Postby cristianppp » Jan 22nd, '13, 23:53


I'm using the system in spanish, but the medical degrees tags aren't in spanish, so I need to change for example BMBS to Dr. or MBChB to Lic.
How can i perform it..??

I tried changing in doctors.class file, in
$arr_degrees = array('BMBS'=>'BMBS', 'MBBS'=>'MBBS', 'MBChB'=>'MBChB', 'MB BCh'=>'MB BCh', 'BMed'=>'BMed', 'MD'=>'MD', 'MDCM'=>'MDCM', 'Dr.MuD'=>'Dr.MuD', 'Dr.Med'=>'Dr.Med', ''=>'', 'Med'=>'Med');

But, when i save changes, nothing is saved.

Help Please.

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Re: Translate Medical Degrees

Postby administrator » Jan 23rd, '13, 08:59

You have also to change them in database, table 'doctors' field 'medical_degree'

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