Cannot Create Doctors and Patients

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Cannot Create Doctors and Patients

Postby ravikishan » May 29th, '14, 20:55


I purchased ApPHP Medical Appointment Pro version 3.0.0. Since then i was struggling with an issue in doctor creation. When i login as owner & try to create a doctor its giving error. its saying "You are not authorized to view this page". Please help to resolve this issue ASAP as this is very key functionality. I mean without able to create doctors we cannot use this application.

Also one more thing... once i navigate to Addnew mode (or) Edit Mode, if i click on cancel or click on any of the menu links as owner, i get the same error.

Application is hosted @

Please Consider this as HIGH PRIORITY & help to fix this issue at the earliest.


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Re: Cannot Create Doctors and Patients

Postby administrator » Jun 2nd, '14, 06:16

1. Try to remove php.ini or .htaccess file from your root directory.
Does it help?

2. If not. contact us via support center and provide all needed information and login, so we could reproduce this issue and test it.

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