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Doctor Time Error

Posted: Sep 22nd, '15, 09:57
by Parjit

I am facing a problem, where the doctor goes to two clinics on one day... lets say in the morning he goes to ABC clinic and in the evening goes to XYZ clinic.

Now when a patient searches for a particular specialty doctor while filtering the location, he gets the result of this doctor but the timings are shown for both ABC and XYZ clinic and the patient is not able to make out which time is for the XYZ clinic. Once the patient selects a particular time, only then he is able to see that the time choosen by him is for ABC clinic or XYZ clinic.

Can you help where if the patient searches for a particular location only timings for that particular location are shown.


Re: Doctor Time Error

Posted: Sep 24th, '15, 22:57
by ICap
Hi, If I understand correctly, in your situation, the client, choosing time can not know in advance in what clinic it is written?