error in mobile settings

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error in mobile settings

Postby inaki » Apr 20th, '20, 07:51

Hi, in the installation file of the mobile part appears :

Server Side:
1. Copy files from "php-scripts/" directory into your current installation of MobileController.php script
- "MobileController.php" file into "protected/modules/appointments/controllers"
- "mobile/" directory with all files it includes into "protected/modules/appointments/views"
- "AppointmentsComponent.php" file into "protected/modules/appointments/components"

when copying the file "AppointmentsComponent.php" file into "protected/modules/appointments/components"

in Backend error appears :

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'Modules\Appointments\Components\PatientsComponent' not found in /protected/modules/appointments/components/AppointmentsComponent.php:87
Stack trace:
#0 protected/modules/appointments/controllers/WorkingHoursController.php(62): Modules\Appointments\Components\AppointmentsComponent::prepareTab('workinghours')
#1 /framework/core/CRouter.php(204): Modules\Appointments\Controllers\WorkingHoursController->__construct()
#2 /framework/Apphp.php(539): CRouter->route()
#3 /framework/Apphp.php(299): A->_runApp()
#4 /index.php(24): A->run()
#5 {main}
thrown in /protected/modules/appointments/components/AppointmentsComponent.php on line 87

In file AppointmentsComponent.php show

public static function prepareTab($activeTab = 'info')
line 87 $checkEnablePatientAppointmentPlans = PatientsComponent::checkEnablePatientAppointmentPlans(false);

how to fix this error?


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Re: error in mobile settings

Postby administrator » May 1st, '20, 15:22

Download latest version of the script and reupload it.

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