uDoctorAppointment - bunch of problems and some questions

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uDoctorAppointment - bunch of problems and some questions

Postby hcxhealth » Sep 3rd, '20, 12:51

Hey, i recently purchased this script and i found some problems and need to fix them asap also have some questions about how-to
1) If you have appointment and try to edit as doctor the loaded page is messy cant readable. Can you fix it because as admin the page is well organised and readable. I also add screenshot for comparison.
2) When you add clinics/doctors and if they have special characters in their names, the system convert them to seo without filtering special characters.
For example :

Code: Select all

Clinic name => Şanişer Klinğñ
URL => domain.com/clinics/1/Şanişer-Klinğñ
but it have to be
URL => domain.com/clinics/1/saniser-klingn
Clinic name => İğgor BiŞko
URL => domain.com/doctors/profile/5/İğgor BiŞko
but it have to be
URL => domain.com/doctors/profile/5/iggor bisko

1) I'm trying to make my site with multi clinics and doctors who bound that clinics around the country but in doctor page the doctors can see all patients. Not only patients make appoinment to them or their clinics but all. Is there any option to make them see only their patients or who appoinment to their clinic(s) only?
2) Is there any tips to activate short tag directly in php code? Because we cant directly change homepage in admin panel which is sux btw.

These are my problems and questions for now. I'm still exploring/experimenting the cms right now. If i found new bugs/problems i'll post them directly in this topic. Hope we can fix them and make it reference topic for newcomers.
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Re: uDoctorAppointment - bunch of problems and some questions

Postby administrator » Sep 4th, '20, 07:19

You may fix it:
Open templates/default/css/custom.css

Find there definition of form.widget-cformview label {...}
and simply comment it.

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