HOW TO work with Debug Mode?

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HOW TO work with Debug Mode?

Postby administrator » Mar 14th, '15, 18:25

Every application, built on ApPHP Framework can run in debug mode, as determined by the value of the constant APPHP_MODE. By default, this constant value equals 'production' mode. To run in debug mode, define this constant as 'debug' before including the Apphp.php file. Remember, that running the application in debug mode is less efficient because it keeps many internal logs, but on other other hand, debug mode is also more helpful during the development stage because it provides useful debugging information that will help you easy find and handle errors when occur.

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defined('APPHP_MODE') or define('APPHP_MODE', 'debug');

You may also use CDebug core class to put the debug text on the debug console. It's useful for "on fly" debugging. The debug text will be shown in the tag General of debug console:

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CDebug::write($var, 'testing variable');

Or to show it immediately on the screen:

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CDebug::dump($var, 1);
// another option: d() is alias of dump()

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Also, it's possible to print the last query. You may do it in the following way:

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echo YourModel::model()->lastQuery();
echo CDatabase::init()->lastQuery();

Another possible solution is to log variables, arrays or objexts into debug console (available when APPHP_MODE = debug):

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$myText = 'my text';
$myArray = array('a'=>'Apple', 'b'=>'Banan', 'c'=>array('1'='111', '2'=>'222'));
CDebug::console($myText, 'Test variable');
// another option: c() is alias of console()

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