HOW TO change field validation type "on fly"?

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HOW TO change field validation type "on fly"?

Postby administrator » Mar 11th, '17, 11:37

The are some ways to change field's validation type "on fly".
Here some of them:

1. You may use _beforeSave() method of appropriate model and add there yuor own code, that makes all needed validations.

2. If you use CDataForm widget, we recommend to do it in a following way.
Let's see how it's released with example of Ban Lists.
You have an "item_type" field that may be "email_address", "email_domain", "ip_address" etc.
For each item type we need different validation.

2.1 In Controller receive and pass to the View "item_type" value:

Code: Select all

 * Add new action handler
public function addAction()
   // Block access if admin has no active privilege to add ban lists
   Website::prepareBackendAction('edit', 'ban_lists', 'banLists/manage');

   $this->_view->itemType = A::app()->getRequest()->getPost('item_type');

2.2 In the View file create field declaration according to "item_type" value:

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if($itemType == 'email_address'){
   $fields['item_value'] = array('type'=>'textbox', 'title'=>A::t('app', 'Item'), 'tooltip'=>'', 'default'=>'', 'validation'=>array('required'=>true, 'type'=>'email', 'maxLength'=>'100'), 'htmlOptions'=>array('maxLength'=>'100', 'class'=>'normal'));
}else if($itemType == 'email_domain'){
   $fields['item_value'] = array('type'=>'textbox', 'title'=>A::t('app', 'Item'), 'tooltip'=>'', 'default'=>'', 'validation'=>array('required'=>true, 'type'=>'text', 'maxLength'=>'100'), 'htmlOptions'=>array('maxLength'=>'100', 'class'=>'normal'));
}else if($itemType == 'username'){
   $fields['item_value'] = array('type'=>'textbox', 'title'=>A::t('app', 'Item'), 'tooltip'=>'', 'default'=>'', 'validation'=>array('required'=>true, 'type'=>'mixed', 'maxLength'=>'40'), 'htmlOptions'=>array('maxLength'=>'40', 'class'=>'normal'));
   $fields['item_value'] = array('type'=>'textbox', 'title'=>A::t('app', 'Item'), 'tooltip'=>'', 'default'=>'', 'validation'=>array('required'=>true, 'type'=>'ip', 'maxLength'=>'15'), 'htmlOptions'=>array('maxLength'=>'15', 'class'=>'normal'));

That's All!
Now CDataForm widget will handle "item_value" field with appropriate validation type (according to selected "item_type")

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echo CWidget::create('CDataForm', array(
   'model'            => 'BanLists',
   'fields'         => $fields,

You may find the full working example in Directy CMF code.

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