HOW TO define triggers for module settings?

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HOW TO define triggers for module settings?

Postby administrator » Dec 16th, '17, 17:01

Sometimes, when you create new property for modules, you have to define it to be related to some conditions.
Directy CMF has special option to do this.

There is a special field in "module_settings" table, that called "trigger_condition".
This field includes serialized array of trigger condition and data.

Below and example of such trigger:

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$serialize_data =  serialize(array(
   'trigger'=>array('key'=>'send_admin_email_notification', 'operation'=>'!=', 'value'=>'0'),
   'action'=>array('field'=>'is_required', 'value'=>'1')

After serialization such data will be looking as:

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Store this data into "trigger_condition" and it will be used automatically by the system.

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