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Listing Fees...

Posted: May 9th, '20, 13:48
by joezippy

I'm trying to see the Admin Console here, but not getting an email with login instructions:

I want to run my auction site as a service.. So my questions follow:

  • Can the code support listing fees (that go to me), collected as a % of the final sales price, from the buyer out of the box?
    (think tax, but different line-item; not to the seller, but to me)
  • Is it possible to collect the tax (or my listing fee) from the buyer in a separate account (somewhere) when the payment is made?
    (split transaction)
  • If these functions aren't support out of the box, how much would it cost for you to make the custom changes?

Thanks for your time!

Re: Listing Fees...

Posted: May 15th, '20, 08:04
by administrator