Script updates. Bug in site?

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Script updates. Bug in site?

Postby nkd » Oct 27th, '11, 13:46

Today I logged into my apphp account and noticed there was an update for the datagrid script. I had version 6.7.5 and a new version 7.1.5 was released yesterday. The thing is that looking into the change log I can see three updates in between (7.0.9, 6.9.9, 6.8.9). I logged a few days ago into my account and I was not notified of this updates! as a matter of fact I have logged in several times and it told me that I had the newest datagrid version (6.7.5). It was not until today that I got the link to download a new version. I think there could be a bug in the webpage or something. It kind of sucks to have missed all those updates.

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Re: Script updates. Bug in site?

Postby administrator » Oct 30th, '11, 07:34

Ok, thanks, we'll check this issue.
If you cannot download last version - please contact us if you've missed these updates and we'll send you the latest version.

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