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Hotel Site (x-white)

Postby cbruwier » Apr 7th, '12, 16:00

I have some very important questions about my Hotel Site.
1. How can i integrate Google Analytics in my webpages (in php i can't find the </head\> tag. Can anyone send me an example ?
2. Can i add more detailed information in my Invoice page (such as bankaccount ...)
3. In my Invoice template at the bottom the dates, rooms, etc. are not correct displayed.

Thanks for a quick response

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Re: Hotel Site (x-white)

Postby administrator » Apr 8th, '12, 05:29

1. Open templates/{your template}/default.php file and paste the code there after the </body> tag.
2. You have to customize method DrawBookingInvoice() in include/classes/Bookings.class.php file.
3. Please explain in more detail what exactly was wrong.

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