calendar on doctor's profile page

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Jobaer Hossain
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calendar on doctor's profile page

Postby Jobaer Hossain » Sep 19th, '15, 17:54

this is a pre purchase question.
1. Can a patient see doctor's available time slot on doctors profile?
2. Can add some other field to doctors profile like service offered, memberships, registration no. if yes, is there any documentation to do that?
3. I like to show all the specialties and location on footer widget.

Thank You

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Re: calendar on doctor's profile page

Postby madredeuz » Sep 21st, '15, 11:52

You can do everything if you know bit of programming, moving the code from one place to another, or add more functionalities by working on the code.

In your case is more or less easy.

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Re: calendar on doctor's profile page

Postby Hisimayaka » Feb 1st, '18, 08:54

If it is good then it will be great and then we will have to follow.

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