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Modify sorting

Postby gregkoron » Apr 30th, '10, 15:59

Hi admin i have $sorting_option = true; but i need to set sorting false for one field, can that be happened?
Another thing that i'd like to solve is sorting css. I use 6.0.4 but I want css on sorting to be like 6.0.7. I have downloaded 6.0.7 but i didn't upgrade my datagrid beacuse I have made many modifications in the main class so it's not easy for me right now. For example using x-blue, when a column being sorted then the rows appears one with white background and the next with blue, i want all of them with blue like in v6.0.7. I 've made some changes in but i realised that the appearance is affected by the datagrid.class.php on line

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$this->ColOpen($col_align, 0, $fp_wrap, (($r % 2 == 0) ? $this->rowColor[8] : $this->rowColor[9]), $this->cssClass."_dg_td_selected");
. Can you tell me what modofications do i have to do?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Modify sorting

Postby administrator » May 4th, '10, 07:08

Define for appropriate field:
"sortable" => "false"

This is the non-documented feature.

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