WHAT ARE the static, dynamic and datagrid pages?

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WHAT ARE the static, dynamic and datagrid pages?

Postby administrator » Aug 21st, '09, 09:06

There are 3 types of pages, that used in PHP Admin Panel:


The content of static pages stored in database. This means, that the content may be easy retrieved from there and
used for creating pages "on fly". So you can have many pages, stored in database and use only One php page to show
any of them, depending on parameters, that were passed.

Also, this content (stored in database) may be used for easy creating or re-creating of the Real HTML pages.


This is a "standard" php page with some code. PHP AdminPanel allows editing of these page online. To select appropriate
page go to Pages Manager -> Dynamic Pages menu.


DataGrid pages is the most popular type of pages, used in administration module. This type of pages used PHP DataGrid
component to make your life easier and allows you creating a "simple" page with fully-functional DataGrid in seconds!
You create pages with our DataGrid Wizard. After the page was created, you can perform more complicated and accurate
adjustment of your DataGrid settings.

To select and edit appropriate DataGrid page go to Pages Manager -> DataGrid Pages menu.

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